Join BioHackathon | Everyone Wins:

1.  Learn new Bioinformatics skills

2.  Earn your BioHacker digital credential (a great reward)

3.  Hack real patient data

4.  Make discoveries, publish results, save lives (the ultimate prize)

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●   Computational biology, genome data mining, structural bioinformatics, and systems biology.

●   Requires 50+ hours of hands-on activities and labs across 20+ skills in biotech R&D

●   Built in collaboration with Alex Feltus, Clemson University

●   Data-intensive computing with genomics workflows on biomedical datasets

●   Culminating in publication of a scientific paper

●   Requires 50+ hours of hands-on activities and labs across 20+ skills in medical bioinformatics

●   Built in collaboration with Alex Feltus, Clemson University

●   Computational plant genomics and bioinformatics

●   Culminating in publication of a scientific paper

●   Requires 50+ hours of hands-on activities and labs across 20+ skills in complex plant genomes, including assembly and annotation.

●   Built in collaboration with Alex Harkess, Hudson Alpha

What are the beneFits of becoming a BioHacker?

•   Access to Collaborative 24×7 online BioHacker Spaces

•   Recognition for experiential bioinformatics skills (CV, Linked-In)

•   BioHacker Podcasts with BioHackers as guests

•   Weekly Training office hours and lunch-and-learners

•   Access to skills profile and job mappings on Credly website

•   25% discount on all future Praxis AI courses

•   Invitations to participate in Hack-a-thon Events

•   Perpetual Hack-a-thons = discovery and publishing

What does it take to become a BioHacker?

Complete 20+ hands-on bioinformatics labs
built for biological computing systems

Complete all required learning resources in the Cancer Transcriptomics online journey, including videos, articles, activities, and discussion posts

Pass short assessments in all lessons

Participate in weekly virtual collaboration sessions with instructor(s), mentor(s), and peers

Conduct original bioinformatics research using the skills, resources, and tools within the Cancer Transcriptomics journey

Breaking News

BioHacker Badges from Praxis AI

Alex Feltus earned his BioHacker: Bioinformatics badge for completing the Praxis AI experiential journey. BioHackers are a community of digital pioneers who leverage data + skills + AI + cloud computing to solve big biotech challenges. Professor Feltus is using his skills to discover new break-throughs in cancer transcriptomics and plant genomics.

Avaya Engage Experience Builders Panel

The Praxis AI co-founder, Alex Feltus, was featured on a keynote panel at this year’s Avaya ENGAGE conference in Orlando, Florida. He inspired over 2,000+ attendees with his mission for democratized access to digital skills and his success stories with Spaces Learning from Toolwire and Avaya. Together, the panel explored the reinvention of higher education, use of AI in learning, and predictions for the next five years.

As a result of this work, Professor Feltus earned the Innovator of the Year award from Avaya.

Well done, Alex!

Experiential Spaces Learning at Clemson University

When the pandemic forced colleges and universities to transition to online courses, Professor Feltus at Clemson University, South Carolina, USA, combined data-intensive AI content from Praxis AI, LLC with Toolwire Spaces Learning on the Avaya Spaces platform to deliver his own digital content, converting a traditional face-to-face Bioinformatics course into an engaging, collaborative, digital course with hands-on data labs.