Meharry BioHackathon: Cancer Transcriptomics

Pre-Hack: March 1, 2022

Event: April 1, 2022

Post-Hack: BioHackers can continue at request

Cost: FREE; Sponsored by Meharry College and Praxis AI

1.  Learn new Bioinformatics skills

2.  Earn your BioHacker digital credential (a great reward)

3.  Hack real patient data

4.  Make discoveries, publish results, save lives (the ultimate prize)

Learn Workforce-ready Bioinformatics Skills

•   Data-Intensive Computing including Linux and Jupyter Notebooks
•   Explore and Discover Biomedical Datasets using Real Patient Data
•   Run Fundamental Genomics Workflows in live bio-computing labs
•   Add Patient Data to a Gene Expression Matrix
•   Publish Your Results in Scientific Journals and GitHub Repositories

Breaking News

2022 Cancer Transcriptomics BioHackathon is contributing data to Meharry Medical College and Praxis AI’s (free) hackathon on April 1st, 2022.  It includes free prehackathon training. In essence, this hackathon is an extreme experiment in Personalized medicine.

  • Problem statement – What’s wrong with Bill Paseman’s kidney and how can he fix it?
  • Resources available – Bill’s DNA, RNA, co-morbidities, dental records(TBD) and familial genetic associations. Praxis Platform Data sources (Gtex etc. available on the Praxis Biomedical Datasets learning path)

Everything you need to utilize these resources is in the platform ( including the training to become familiar with the tools and datasets available.